Laptop Information

Laptop Roll Out Information

KCKPS AUP Agreement

Every student enrolled at F.L. Schlagle High School has the opportunity to check-out a laptop for the entire school year, provided they have done the following three things:

  • Had their parent or guardian sign the electronic AUP Agreement

  • Paid their laptop deposit fee and any other laptop fees that may still be owed from last school year

  • Show proof of a bag which protects laptops (Freshmen students will be provided this bag.

There are three ways to pay for your laptop:

  • If you qualify for free and reduced lunch, your deposit fee is $25.00 or 8 hours of community service

  • If you are a full pay lunch student, your deposit fee is $50.00 or 16 hours of community service

Laptop Fees:

  • $ 150 Lost/Stolen Laptop
  • $ 40 Broken Screen
  • $ 30 Broken Keyboard
  • $ 25 Replacement Charger


Click Here for the Laptop Roll Out Schedule

KCKPS Acceptable Use Policy

Google Apps for Education Account (drive, email, classroom, etc.)

Naming Conventions
All students will use the same STS login format (utilizing their graduation year, the first 3 letters of their first name, and the first 3 letters of their last name) for their email name. The password will be kckps and the student’s STS password.

Example Information
User Name: YYFFFLLL@m.kckps.org
Two of Graduation Year + First Three Letters First Name + First Three Letters of Last Name + @m.kckps.org

Graduation Year: 2015
Name: Audrey Fryar
Domain: @m.kckps.org
Password: kckps + STS Password
STS Password: impaw1

Based on the above information the log in would be:
Email/Google login: 15audfry@m.kckps.org
Password: kckpsimpaw1