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Schlagle Students of the Month – November 2020…

Congratulations to the F. L. Schlagle Students of The Month!
November 2020

9th Grade:
Tiffany Mathis Hudson
“Tiffany is new to Schlagle and the Kansas City Area. She is a gifted artist who enjoys helping others and going the extra mile. Tiffany participated in the 2020 KU Night at the Lab, pushing through her fears of shyness and presented on the Lymphatic System. She is a joy to have in class, a hard worker and does not mind turning on her camera to encourage others.”  – Schlagle High School Teachers

10th Grade:
Victoria Netherland
“Victoria is a dedicated student. She contributes during class to answer questions and help her fellow students. When she is absent, she is guaranteed to have watched the video recording of class and completes her assignment. She even goes above and beyond to access Big Ideas Math and complete the exit slip problems we completed during class.” – Schlagle High School Teachers

11th Grade:
Cheyenne Crew

“She has simply been my best student! ALWAYS on time! ALWAYS engaged! ALWAYS does all her work! I cannot think of anything that this scholar has not done, that hasn’t been in line with the Schlagle Stallion way!” – Schlagle High School Teachers

12th grade:
Britney Moreno
“I had Britney as a student last year and she is just a lovely human being. She is very kind and supportive of other students. This year she comes to class every day on time. She completes all of her work and has reached out to me via email to see how she could improve her grade in class- she had a high “B” at the time. She works hard to improve her Spanish and she is not afraid to take risks- i.e. if other students won’t participate during class- I know that I can always ask her to contribute to a discussion.” – Schlagle High School Teachers


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