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Schlagle Students of the Month – January 2021

Congratulations to the F. L. Schlagle Students of The Month!
January 2021

9th Grade: 
Darlyn Sagastume
“Darlyn is a member of the Principles of Biomedical Science class. She is a very diligent and hard worker and although she has not declared that she wants to be a medical professional she possesses the qualities that are needed including being attentive to others needs, willing to assist and offer a helping hand to a struggling peer, the ability to communicate professionally, effectively, and extremely empathetic. Darlyn is a delight to have in class and does not mind showing her face in a virtual setting.” – Ms. Richardson

10th Grade: 
Destiny Johnson
“I would like to nominate 10th grader Destiny Johnson! Destiny never makes excuses and is one of the highest integrity students I have the pleasure of teaching! She does everything the Stallion way!” – Ms. Otto-Gentry

11th Grade: 
Jocelyn Heu
“I would like to nominate Jocelyn Heu for student of the month. Jocelyn not only has great attendance, but she jumps in and engages with every activity we’re doing. She is willing to get out of her comfort zone in theatre class and try new things. She is part of creating a positive environment for other students to feel more confident trying difficult things. She’s constantly going above and beyond and has been an absolute joy to have in class. “ – Ms. Brown

12th Grade: 
Katherine Guzman
“Katherine has shown great strides in coming to and participating in class recently. Katherine has completed many past assignments that demonstrate her knowledge on class topics and is clearly working hard to make the best of her senior year.” – Ms. McIlvain

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