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March Student of the Month…

March Student of the Month

9th Grade Student of the Month
Evina Boykin
“She comes to every class, participates, and completes assignments in a timely manner.   Also, this is the only student who I have been able to give additional materials beyond the basic class and she willingly completed the additional work.” -Mr. Sixta

10th Grade Student of the Month
Sherrel Young
“Sherrel Young is a sophomore in my 3/4-hour American History class. She has been contributing daily to our lessons and activities while remotely as a real student leader. She’s stood out in our American history because of her leadership in conversations and starting out the group analysis of historical documents.” -Mr. Long

11th Grade Student of the Month
Abraham Martinez
Abraham is a fabulous student and pleasure to have in class. He is a natural leader and is always thinking outside the box. He’s also polite and tries to engage other students. -Mrs. Hamilton

12th Grade Student of the Month
Akasha Mack
“Determined and fearless are 2 words that I would use to describe this awesome student. Akasha is not a native Spanish speaker, but this is the second year that I have had her in my Heritage Spanish class. One of Akasha’s best traits is her self-advocacy skills. In a remote world where other students are often hesitant to speak during Zoom, Akasha is not. She makes the class infinitely more interesting with her comments and leadership. She has been one of my favorite students here at Schlagle.” -Mrs. Miller


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