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K-ELPA Testing Information

What: K-ELPA testing is a state assessment that measures our English Learners’ English proficiency.

Who: Any student identified as an English Learner in Infinite Campus will be testing in the month of February, beginning with freshmen tomorrow.

Why: We have a TON of students who will be able to easily test out of the English Learners label. Our students have been testing fairly high and a serious push for improvement will see many of them with the ability to move out of the identification. In some cases, in fact, some students are only off by two points!

When: Every third and fourth hour, according to the below schedule:
Freshmen: 2.3.2020-2.7.2020
Juniors: 2.10.2020-2.13.2020
Seniors: 2.18.2020-2.21.2020
Sophomores: 2.24.2020-2.28.2020

Please pay attention over the next several weeks as we work to get our 95% participation rate and see our scores tremendously improve!

Thanks so much for supporting our English Learners!
Arianne Felts

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