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Below is a letter from the Principal

October 2, 2019

To our F.L. Schlagle family,

With the school year in full swing and students off to a great start, I am happy to announce an amazing new chapter for all of US. No one will be disqualified from the next leg of this race— welcome to the …. ARE YOU ON TRACK CHALLENGE!!

As principal, my task is to make sure that every student is excelling, that students are showing up to class, and are preparing for the future.

Teachers- will be working alongside me to help improve test scores and to keep all of our students excited about learning, getting better grades, graduating, and becoming college ready.

Parents -your task is to make sure you are asking your students about their day at school. Ask them about the topics they are working on in class, find out if they need help with their homework, show them that you are truly interested and invested in their education.

Students- your job is to work hard. Make learning a priority, and be the best YOU that you can be.

Now here comes the fun part—as we are working on crossing the finish line together, we are asking all of our Kansas City Kansas Public Schools families to grab their camera (cell phones) and snap a picture or shoot a video showing how you ARE ON TRACK. Upload your picture or video on YOUR social media page using #KCKPSONTRACK.

Once a month, a lucky winner will be picked to win an amazing prize. That means parents, teachers, students, even your bus driver are eligible to win!!

Now is the time to … Get READY, Get SET, And GO!!!!

Sincerely, Yolanda Thompson Principal

Click Here for a Printable Are You On Track Challenge Letter

Click Here for a Printable Are You On Track Challenge Letter Spanish

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