Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff


Name/Email Position
Yolanda Thompson
Head Principal
Assistant Principal
Assistant Principal
Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Name Email Position
Johnson, Sheila Sheila.Johnson@kckps.org A.P. Secretary
Scott, Sonya Sonya.Scott@kckps.org Athletic Director
Rosales, (Maria) Cristina Maria.Rosales@kckps.org Attendance Secretary
Smith, Reneka Raneka.Smith@kckps.org College and Career Coordinator
Herrington, David David.Herrington@kckps.org College and TEC Advisor
Boehl, Christopher Christopher.Boehl@kckps.org Counselor
Carroll, Angela Angela.Carroll@kckps.org Counselor
Neal, Michaella Michaella.Neal@kckps.org Counselor
Stovall, Amy Amy.Stovall@kckps.org Dean’s Secretary
Allen, Carla Carla.Allen@kckps.org Instructional Coach
Stout, Randy Randy.Stout@kckps.org Instructional Coach
Bigby, Terry Terry.Bigby@kckps.org Intervention
Gould, Johnathan Johnathan.Gould@kckps.org Laptop Technician
Patterson, Angela Angela.Patterson@kckp.org Librarian
Andrisevic-Sampson, Rose Rose.Sampson@kckps.org Nurse
Williams, LaVonne LaVonne.Williams@kckps.org Principal’s Secretary
Emery, Briauna Briauna.Emery@kckps.org Registrar
Davis, Amanda Amanda.Davis@kckps.org Social Worker
Gentry, Meeka Meeka.Gentry@kckps.org Social Worker
Gormley, Kaitlyn Kaitlyn.Gormley@kckps.org Social Worker
Carroll, Michelle Michelle.Carroll@kckps.org Social Worker
Boyda, Michael Michael.Boyda@kckps.org Student Affairs Specialist
Brown, Michelle Michelle.Brown@kckps.org Treasurer

Teacher Directory

Name Email Subject
Alcala, Mary Mary.Alcala@kckps.org Structured Learning Classroom Teacher
Allen, Michael Michael.Allen@kckps.org Career and Technical Education
Allison, Charles Charles.Allison@kckps.org Career and Technical Education
Ammons, Darryl Darryl.Ammons@kckps.org Fine Arts
Bagwell, Taylor Taylor.Bagwell@kckps.org English Language Arts
Barber, Bernadette Bernadette.Barber@kckps.org Structured Learning Classroom Teacher
Behmke, Jodi Jodi.Behmke@kckps.org Structured Learning Classroom Teacher
Bowen, Keith Keith.Bowen@kckps.org Fine Arts
Brewer, Patrice Patrice.Brewer@kckps.org Consumer Education
Brewer, William William.Brewer@kckps.org Vocal Music
Brookreson, Hana Hana.Brookreson@kckps.org Fine Arts
Brown, Rebecca Rebecca.Brown@kckps.org English as a Second Language
Brownback, Thomas Thomas.Brownback@kckps.org Social Studies
Buck, Dillon Dillon.Buck@kckps.org Social Studies
Campos, Steve Steve.Campos@kckps.org Business-FACS (Long Term Sub)
Carver, Tracy Tracy.Carver@kckps.org Math
Dawn, Dawanda Dawanda.Dawn@kckps.org Structured Learning Classroom Teacher
Ellner, Jonann Jonann.Ellner@kckps.org English Language Arts
Fattaahi, Shawn Shahraam.Fattaahi@kckps.org Math
Friday, Samantha Samantha.Friday@kckps.org Speech/Drama
Fox, Eric Eric.Fox@kckps.org Intervention
Graham, Kelly Kelly.Graham@kckps.org Career and Technical Education
Groth, Scott Scott.Groth@kckps.org Science
Hamilton, Sara Sara.Hamilton@kckps.org Foreign Language
Hannah, Scott Scott.Hannah@kckps.org Science/Career and Technical Education
Hatton, Paul Paul.Hatton@kckps.org Math
Henderson, Shanta Shanta.Henderson@kckps.org Structured Learning Classroom Teacher
Hinton, Anna Anna.Hinton@kckps.org English Language Arts
Jefferson, Clifton Clifton.Jefferson@kckps.org Career and Technical Education
Johnson, Sally Sally.Johnson@kckps.org English Language Arts
Kauffman, Lisle Lisle.Kauffman@kckps.org Deaf & Hearing Impaired Specialist
Keller, Josh Joshua.Keller@kckps.org English Language Arts
Kelly, Tyson Tyson.Kelly@kckps.org Structured Learning Classroom Teacher
Leonard, Rachel Rachel.Leonard@kckps.org English Language Arts
Lightfoot, Brandon Brandon.Lightfoot@kckps.org Social Studies
Long, Andrew Andrew.Long@kckps.org Social Studies
Lutcher, Carla Carla.Lutcher@kckps.org English Language Arts
McGuire, Laura Laura.McGuire@kckps.org Foreign Language
McIlvain, Maegan Maegan.McIlvain@kckps.org Science
McMurtrey, Cynthia Cynthia.McMurtrey@kckps.org Structured Learning Classroom Teacher
Miller-Desbois, Catherine Catherine.Miller@kckps.org Foreign Language
Mohammed, Hussam Hussam.Mohammed@kckps.org Math
Nance, Kirsten Kirsten.Nance@kckps.org Social Studies
O’Neal, Keith Keith.O’Neal@kckps.org Physical Education
Otto-Gentry, Katja Katja.Otto-Gentry@kckps.org Fine Arts
Pape, Julia (Orchestra) Julia.Pape@kckps.org Fine Arts
Pledger, Karla Karla.Pledger@kckps.org JAG
Reynolds, Gwen Gwen.Reynolds@kckps.org BioMed
Richardson, Leanne Leanne.Richardson@kckps.org Career and Technical Education
Rollan Gallego, Maria Gema MariaGema.RollanGallego@kckps.org Science
Sage, Lauren Lauren.Sage@kckps.org Science
Schumm, Kathlene Kathlene.Schumm@kckps.org Structured Learning Classroom Teacher
Scott, Sonya Sonya.Scott@kckps.org Math
Slocum, Catherine Catherine.Slocum@kckps.org Math
Sparks, Janice Janice.Sparks@kckps.org Structured Learning Classroom Teacher
Scott, Terry Terry.Scott@kckps.org Life Skills
Turner, Andrew Andrew.Turner@kckps.org Career and Technical Education
Underwood, Anna Anna.Underwood@kckps.org Fine Arts & Career and Technical Education
Unruh, Kip Kip.Unruh@kckps.org Science
Warner, Corbin Corbin.Warner@kckps.org Science
Weeks, Lynn Linda.Weeks@kckps.org Social Studies
Wheat, Christopher Christopher.Wheat@kckps.org Structured Learning Classroom Teacher
Whitten, Deon Deon.Whitten@kckps.org JAG
Williams, Earl Earl.Williams@kckps.org Structured Learning Classroom Teacher
Wilson, Erica Erica.Wilson@kckps.org Physical Education
Wilson, Virginia Virginia.Wilson@kckps.org Structured Learning Classroom Teacher
Wolf, Stephen Stephen.Wolf@kckps.org Structured Learning Classroom Teacher
Zamorano-Gonzalez, Xochitl Xochitl.Gonzalez@kckps.org Spanish