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F.L. Schlagle Cheer Tryouts…

F.L. Schlagle Cheer Tryouts
Monday- Friday, January 11-15, 2021

Bring a pair of practice shorts (not baggy, and an appropriate length), and a tee or tank shirt. It will show off your school spirit if you wear the school colors.
Wear clean, indoor performance shoes that are designed for cheerleaders. You also want to wear a low ankle sock.
Don’t forget to bring a sports bra to change into before your audition.

After a full day of classes, you may want to freshen up before your tryout. Bring deodorant, floss and your toothbrush and toothpaste and you will be prepared to smile big while you work hard.
Make sure that your hair is pulled back off your face.
Don’t forget to take off all your jewelry and avoid using lotions and oils that could interfere with your ability to perform, and don’t overuse the body spray. If you overdo the scents, you could end up giving the judges a headache.

Be sure you have a completed and up to date physical on file.
Wear a mask at all times.
Stay hydrated all day and have a water bottle on hand.
Keep a snack in your bag that is quick and easy to eat to help give you energy before you perform for the judges.
If you are on any medications or pain relievers, be sure that you have those packed.
If you need an ankle, knee, shin, etc. wrap or brace, don’t forget to include it in your bag.

Cheer Tryouts

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